The Perfect Leash for our Family of 4

10 Oct

Picture this… it is a gorgeous sunny day at the park.  You are merrily walking your two vizslas.  Ilsa stops to smell something in the grass and as you stand there… OH NO! Gumbo takes off after a squirrel pulling the leash out of your hand.  You panic!  You plus 2 very fast dogs at a busy park…  You urgently pull Ilsa and say “Let’s go, Little Girl!” You then holler, “Gum-bo!” and he turns, comes bounding towards you with a silly grin on his face that says ‘Did you see me, mom? I almost had that squirrel!’  You grab his leash and finally breathe. Ugh!!!

A few days after the park incident, you husband says he wants a jogging leash.  The search begins…

My product review of the perfect leash for everyone in our house… Ruff Wear’s Flat Out Leash.

This is not our first Ruff Wear product… we have several and none of them disappoint.  We jokingly compare Ruff Wear to Apple – every time they come out with a new product, we want it!  We don’t need a new K-9 Overcoat but they have a “new and improved” style and we want them!  🙂

This leash does everything we need it to… easy to use, durable, gives me the security and confidence to walk both vizslas at once, and Ben can jog hand-less with either/both.

The Features:

  • The handle/waist loop is easily adjustable and padded!
  • The “traffic handle” allows for extra control and helps keep our vizslas in “heel” position
  • The clip is very secure and will not accidently come free from the collar
  • Durable!
  • Great color options

I highly recommend this leash for any family with multiple sporting breed dogs or any joggers out there.  Definitely worth the money!!!  Great job, Ruff Wear, on an awesome product.  5 out of 5 stars!!!


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