Family Christmas Card Pictures

24 Oct

We had another great weekend!  My mom and dad were visiting from Tennessee and agreed to take our family Christmas card pictures.  This was quite the experience!  We decided upon the Clayton City Hall as the background for our photos as the building is a beautiful brick and the landscaping is impeccable.  Sunday’s weather was just perfect so out came the camera.

Our vizslas were quite the handful during the photo session!  Ilsa NEVER looked at the camera and Gumbo had a serious case of the yawns.  [Being so handsome and having his picture taken apparently stresses him a little so he yawns.]  My mother was jumping up and down, clapping her hands, squeaking a toy, and making funny noises trying to get the dogs to look at the camera… didn’t work too well.  Enjoy the photos!

Blooper 1: Somebody was bored/tired/stressed and climbed into his Momma's lap!

Blooper 2: Gumbo kisses all around! Silly boy!

Our 2011 Christmas Card Photo!


One Response to “Family Christmas Card Pictures”

  1. Amanda @ Click. The Good News October 25, 2011 at 5:10 AM #

    These are adorable- love the out takes. I can’t even imagine trying to get a picture with my rascals.

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