Bird Dog Training Camp: Part 1

20 Nov

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend a 4-day clinic at Perfection Kennel ( in Kidder, Missouri training Ilsa and Gumbo.  Perfection Kennel is owned and operated by John and Cindy Hann, and this is their full time job.  How awesome is that!!!

We worked sun up till sun down, learned more than we could imagine, and had the time of our lives.  The 4 days were filled with excitement, pride, frustration, love, and general peace and bliss.  I think the best way to introduce this short blog series is with pictures (there is too much good stuff for just 1 post).  Enjoy these photos and check back in a few days for the stories of our first bird dog camp adventure.

What a glorious sun rise!

My boys are ready to work

Gumbo retrieves a quail

Ilsa waits for John to release her bird...

Feather Mouth!!!

This bird dog is ready to hunt. Love the intensity in her eyes!


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