Over the river and through the woods…

23 Dec


To Grandmother’s house we go! By the time you’re reading this, we will be in the car driving the 10 hours from St. Louis to Louisiana. And yes, Ilsa and Gumbo will be our back seat passengers. 10 hours in the car with vizslas? Yes, we are crazy. Traveling with a vizsla starts long before they enter the car. Exercise is the key to making a trip like this a success for us. We usually give our pups a long off leash run the day before our trip (unfortunately this didn’t happen yesterday :-/). The morning of our trip, each of our Vs runs about 2 miles on leash before we pull out.

Once in the car, Ilsa and Gumbo love to sleep making the ride easy. They are both comfortable in the car as we normally take them almost EVERYWHERE we go on a daily basis. In our Prius, they ride in the backseat. Safety is our top concern while they are in the car. To address this, they each wear a seat belt harness. This harness hooks around them comfortably and hooks to the car’s seatbelt. This way, they will better protected should we happen to have an accident.

Alternatively, Ilsa and Gumbo ride in crates if we are in our SUV. This setup is ideal for them if we are doing field training or attending a dog show. The great part about the crate is that it makes a comfortable, den-like environment for them to relax. If necessary, we can fit one crate in the Prius too!

Of course, the end of our trip will be capped off by more exercise – at least a long walk. Overall, our vizslas are happy travelers eager to find their next adventure. Are you traveling with your dogs this holiday season? We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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