Rain, Rain, Go Away!

28 Dec

Rainy day vizsla – talk about an oxymoron. Bad weather does not bode well for our dogs. Ilsa and Gumbo do not mind rain and love the snow, but three days of rain while we were in Louisiana were a challenge. That much rain isn’t much fun for anyone in the family. Occasionally on days like these, I wish we had a room with padded walls and could just let our pups run zoomies off the walls to get their energy out. In reality, our indoor activities during such rainy days usually consist of fetch and some obedience training giving the Vs at least some exercise and mental stimulation.

Playing fetch indoors is not an unusual practice for us. We strive to have bird dogs that will fetch birds with eagerness and without hesitation. Normally, fetch sessions are high energy and VERY short – maybe 4 retrieves max. This keeps it exciting. However, when fetch is the only form of exercise, these sessions get extended. During long games of fetch, we keep things interesting by mixing up the object. We use balls and toys of different sizes and textures.

Gumbo goes nuts for squeeker toys. In fact, Gumbo’s Christmas present was a giraffe that must have at least 25 different squeekers in it. Of course Ilsa proceeded to destuff the giraffe’s head within 5 minutes. Ilsa on the other hand is ball CRAZY. Add in some wacky mouth percussion to get the dogs jazzed and get some tunes pumping (Gumbo loves Daft Punk 🙂 ) and we can have a grand time. The added bonus – two semi-tired vizslas.

Do you have any tricks to exercise your dogs on a rainy day? Or does singing rain rain go away actually help?!?


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