Don’t poop in the bed!

5 Jan

Ilsa has slept in our bed between me and Susan with her head on my pillow since the second day she was a part of our family. Don’t ask me what we were thinking that first night when we tried to make her sleep in her crate :P. (I promise we aren’t that pathetic. We just realized we actually have no reservations about having a dog in the bed and now couldn’t think of having it any other way.)

Ilsa is a great cuddle companion and hardly ever moves in the bed. However, the other night I had a rude awakening. I woke up to the sound of incessant licking. I moaned for Gumbo to go back to sleep, but it didn’t stop. My eyes opened slowly, and I think I managed to sit up slightly in bewilderment. Yes indeed, Ilsa was sitting up and stopped licking long enough to stare at me with eyes of desperation. Sitting next to my head was a small nugget of poop.

Ilsa was traumatized – certainly no reason to punish her. So we went outside quickly to let her finish her potty business. Of course, this had to happen on the first REALLY cold night we’ve had this winter. We went back inside, changed the pillow case and went back to bed. In reality, it wasn’t a big deal since we feed Ilsa and Gumbo a raw diet. In addition to the nutritional benefits, it makes their poop hard like pebbles so clean up was a snap.

Ilsa hasn’t had a potty accident in the house in over 3 years (since she was a puppy). We think she must have gotten a little TOO relaxed in her sleep. At least it was good for a laugh. But for the next few nights, I think Ilsa and I will be making an extra trip outside before bed just to be sure…


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