Practice makes perfect (well, almost)

27 Feb

We were back on birds this weekend. The highlight came on Sunday when we met up with some friends who also have two vizslas. One of their Vs needs to qualify one more time to complete his junior hunter, and the other will soon be running in a hunt test for the first time just like ours. So we decided to get together and set up a mock hunt test for practice.

All four of the Vs did extremely well. Ilsa ran in our first brace, and she wasn’t quite sure what we were doing at first because we were in a field where she’s never seen birds before. She ended up finding the first bird, and it was game on from there. Ilsa’s brace mate found the second bird and held a beautiful point. Much to our surprise, Ilsa honored him. We haven’t really worked on honoring at all, so it was really nice to see this. Ilsa found the third and final bird and tried to creep a little but definitely was not trying to bust birds anymore. Hooray!

We circled around switched dogs. Gumbo was the primary reason we wanted to do something like this before running in an actual hunt test. We were worried that our goofball would just think it was playtime at the site of another vizsla. After I blew my whistle to start him, sure enough Gumbo started chasing his brace mate. I was able to call him off away reasonably quickly, and it was pretty much all business for the rest of the run. Gumbo and his brace mate both found the first bird about the same time. The added pressure of another dog led him to try and bust it pretty quickly. A similar thing happened on the third bird. In a real hunt test, I won’t be handling near Gumbo nearly as close to his brace mate as we were in this practice run. We already knew Gumbo still needs work with fast flushes after pointing using the remote launcher just like we did with Ilsa. This was a valuable thing to learn in this setting, and we were very pleased with the overall performance of Ilsa and Gumbo.

Most importantly, we all had a great time and got to enjoy another beautiful weekend. The weather here has been phenomenal, and we were more than happy to take advantage of it!


One Response to “Practice makes perfect (well, almost)”

  1. 2browndawgs February 28, 2012 at 7:28 AM #

    Sounds like you had a great training day. It is always nice when you can find others to train with. I am sure it won’t be long before Gumbo understands what is expected.

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