Mr. Smarty Pants

4 Jun

We’ve all seen them, the bumper stickers that say…

In our case, this might actually be true!  Gumbo has an amazing memory and never forgets!

Gumbo, like most male dogs, likes to mark his territory.  He often smells Ilsa’s potty spots immediately after she’s finished with business and then hikes his leg over that area.  Ben and I discourage marking so we pull him off it with a strong “Leave it!” command.  Sometimes, we even have to physically redirect his attention off the potty spot by grabbing his collar and removing him.

He now fully understands that he isn’t allowed to lick or pee over Ilsa’s potty areas.  Today, as Ilsa did her #1 business very politely, Gumbo came and stood next to me without putting up a fight.  He just looked me in the eyes and seemed to say “I’m such a good boy!”

We completed our first lap around our townhouse community and then started our second.  When we turned the corner and were within 100 feet of Ilsa’s potty spot, Gumbo surprised me by taking off.  He dove with all his might to that grassy patch and hiked his leg as fast as he could!  Oh my goodness!  This boy totally planned, plotted, and schemed…

His sudden movement caught me off guard so he got to mark the spot!  What a clever and gross little boy!

So, in case you were wondering, my vizsla is smarter than your honor students!  Now, the challenge will be harnessing these brains for something good 🙂


One Response to “Mr. Smarty Pants”

  1. Anna June 6, 2012 at 7:13 AM #

    lol, you have a very smart boy. I hear you on the marking, one of the main reasons I prefer girls…. though guess what! I got a girl who can/will/does mark with the best of them. She is a little easier to stop, and has only ever done it one place I didn’t want her to… but I couldn’t blame her much as there was girl pee everywhere in their house. She actually will walk on her two front feet while peeing to make a whole trail, sometimes I think she thinks she was born a boy.
    Good luck harnessing those brains!

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