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Mr. Smarty Pants

4 Jun

We’ve all seen them, the bumper stickers that say…

In our case, this might actually be true!  Gumbo has an amazing memory and never forgets!

Gumbo, like most male dogs, likes to mark his territory.  He often smells Ilsa’s potty spots immediately after she’s finished with business and then hikes his leg over that area.  Ben and I discourage marking so we pull him off it with a strong “Leave it!” command.  Sometimes, we even have to physically redirect his attention off the potty spot by grabbing his collar and removing him.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things!

12 Mar

I appreciate quality.  I want dog products that will last more than 1 season and work well for my vizsals.  As someone who does a lot of online shopping, I am always reading product reviews.  So, here are a few of my favorite things.

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Oh the places you’ll go…

9 Mar

Last weekend marked an important anniversary for us… Friday was our 1st anniversary in the world of canine competitions.

Each year our local vizsla club hosts two specialty shows with sweepstakes and an obedience trial held on the Friday before the Belle-City Kennel Club all breed shows.

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Monday Mischief – Our Favorite Little Thief

20 Feb

Good Monday morning to you!  Monday morning can mean only one thing at our house… time for a Gumbo Monday Mischief story!  This silly boy continues to be ridiculous 🙂

Gumbo, our little thief, tries to climb under the gate to get the orange vests!

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Hooked on field training

10 Feb

Our introduction to the world of hunting upland game came during the new year holiday of 2011.  We were invited to join some vizsla friends for a 3 day trip to Rend Lake, Illinois for some pheasant hunting.  Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!

In preparation for the expedition, we purchased what we thought were field clothes, ordered field collars for the dogs, and packed up.  As we were driving to the lodge, Ben asked me what all the excitement was with regards to hunting.  My naive answer was something like “Well, best I can tell it involves walking around in the freezing cold wearing a very unflattering shade of orange.”  [Note, I’m still not a fan of wearing blaze orange but obviously understand the importance of being visible for safety reasons.]

Anyway, we hit the field for the first time with 4 experienced hunters, 1 field champion, and 3 master hunters… WOW!  After the first 10 minutes, the field champion struck a hard point and didn’t move.  She didn’t even blink!  It was amazing!  Her owner stepped in the flush the bird, shot the bird, and then it was retrieved perfectly to hand.  This field champion was so exuberant in the field it was magnificent to watch!  We were hooked!  A little later in the morning, the same field champion went on point again and both the dogs in the field with her honored in the most spectacular way.  I was floored!  I couldn’t believe that 2 high-energy vizslas stopped hard to honor a fellow hunter who found a bird.  This was (and still is) amazing!

Now, we spend our weekends training our vizslas and ourselves to hunt upland game.  We buy Valentine’s gifts of bird launchers and anniversary gifts of e-collars!  Even my new pajama pants have bird dogs and pheasants on them… we are totally loving every minute of this.

For those who haven’t seen a vizsla work a field in search for birds, it is truly something else!  I couldn’t truly appreciate it until I saw it for myself.  It is safe to say, I’m bird dog crazy!

Happy weekend!

Mr. Mischievious

25 Jan

There are many, many things I love about Gumbo!  He is so sweet, handsome as can be, and quite smart.  But, the thing I love most is his silliness!  This boy is never short on causing trouble and often plots and schemes and always makes me laugh.

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What could be better than a vizsla?

20 Jan

What could possibly be better than a vizsla?!? Two vizslas, of course! People often ask why we decided to get a second vizsla… here’s our answer.

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