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Crate games!

16 Apr

For the past few months, we have been regularly practicing “crate games” with Ilsa and Gumbo following the protocol designed by Susan Garrett. This training technique is amazing for teaching dogs to LOVE going in their crates – and more importantly, it teaches them to be calm once inside.

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A major milestone

27 Jan

Wednesday morning Ilsa and I achieved a goal we’ve been working toward for over two years. No, it wasn’t a new title. And it didn’t have anything to do with eating. Or birds. Ilsa and I just went for a walk.

How could a walk be such a big deal? Well, this walk happened to be first thing in the morning. Without Gumbo. Without Susan. Just me and my girl.

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Mr. Mischievious

25 Jan

There are many, many things I love about Gumbo!  He is so sweet, handsome as can be, and quite smart.  But, the thing I love most is his silliness!  This boy is never short on causing trouble and often plots and schemes and always makes me laugh.

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Fun in the snow

13 Jan

Yesterday, we were greeted with our first snow of the winter. We have been spoiled by unseasonably warm weather, but the first snow always puts a bit of excitement in the air. This morning we decided to let Ilsa and Gumbo just have fun playing in the snow.

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Traveling is fun for the whole family!

4 Jan

If you are anything like me, traveling for the holidays begins several days before you actually pack the car and hit the road. The preparation takes several days and careful planning…

Step 1: wash all laundry
Step 2: pull large suitcase and pink tote bag from the back of the guestroom closet
Step 3: plan outfits
Step 4: fold clothes very neatly and pack in suitcase
Step 5: pack shoes and accessories
Step 6: pack toiletry items
Step 7: double check to make sure everything needed is packed
Step 8: load car

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

28 Dec

Rainy day vizsla – talk about an oxymoron. Bad weather does not bode well for our dogs. Ilsa and Gumbo do not mind rain and love the snow, but three days of rain while we were in Louisiana were a challenge. That much rain isn’t much fun for anyone in the family. Occasionally on days like these, I wish we had a room with padded walls and could just let our pups run zoomies off the walls to get their energy out. In reality, our indoor activities during such rainy days usually consist of fetch and some obedience training giving the Vs at least some exercise and mental stimulation.

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Over the river and through the woods…

23 Dec


To Grandmother’s house we go! By the time you’re reading this, we will be in the car driving the 10 hours from St. Louis to Louisiana. And yes, Ilsa and Gumbo will be our back seat passengers. 10 hours in the car with vizslas? Yes, we are crazy. Traveling with a vizsla starts long before they enter the car. Exercise is the key to making a trip like this a success for us. We usually give our pups a long off leash run the day before our trip (unfortunately this didn’t happen yesterday :-/). The morning of our trip, each of our Vs runs about 2 miles on leash before we pull out.

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