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Wordless Wednesday

18 Apr


Oh the places you’ll go…

9 Mar

Last weekend marked an important anniversary for us… Friday was our 1st anniversary in the world of canine competitions.

Each year our local vizsla club hosts two specialty shows with sweepstakes and an obedience trial held on the Friday before the Belle-City Kennel Club all breed shows.

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Nose game fun!

15 Feb

Focus. It can be difficult to achieve with a dog, particularly in a distracting or unfamiliar environment. With Ilsa, fear issues are always a concern, so we’ve been building on our array of tools to keep her calm in any situation.

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What could be better than a vizsla?

20 Jan

What could possibly be better than a vizsla?!? Two vizslas, of course! People often ask why we decided to get a second vizsla… here’s our answer.

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Building an awesome recall

16 Jan

We’ve found that the single most important command to master for almost all aspects of training is the “come” or “here” command. Not only is this one command critical for obedience and retrieving/hunting, but it also has the potential to save your dog’s life.

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Life with a picky eater

11 Jan

Our two vizslas couldn’t be more different. Gumbo is a large male with dark coloring and Ilsa is a small female with light coloring. Gumbo likes to think he’s invincible, and Ilsa can be very nervous. But the one difference that stands out above all the rest is their eating habits. Gumbo will consume ANYTHING put in front of him. He will take a treat and swallow without even tasting it. Ilsa, on the other hand, is very selective about her food. Getting her on a regular eating schedule has been a major challenge.

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Don’t poop in the bed!

5 Jan

Ilsa has slept in our bed between me and Susan with her head on my pillow since the second day she was a part of our family. Don’t ask me what we were thinking that first night when we tried to make her sleep in her crate :P. (I promise we aren’t that pathetic. We just realized we actually have no reservations about having a dog in the bed and now couldn’t think of having it any other way.)

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