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Gumbo is a new junior hunter!

24 Apr

I’m proud to report that Gumbo completed his junior hunter title on Saturday! Conditions were ideal – the sun was out and temperatures were in the 40s/50s. MUCH better than the 90 degree temperatures we had to deal with a few weeks ago.

Gumbo’s bracemate was a no show, so he got bumped to the bottom of the running order to run with a bye dog. While waiting, we watched a number of dogs go birdless. I was a little concerned by this, but the course seemed pretty straightforward. It was basically just a grassy field. However, it was lacking in objectives. I did learn a trick from the long grass though – follow the 4 wheeler tracks :-).

Gumbo had a pretty nice honor in the back field. I wasn’t expecting it and although I have been calling him away from other dogs on point (since it is not a requirement in juniors), I let him work in the area because he made it pretty clear he wasn’t going to bust in on the point. The other handler was nice enough to work around a little bit and Gumbo ended up sharing the point. I wasn’t sure this would be enough to qualify though.

We took the lead entering the bird field, and Gumbo found a bird within the first two minutes. The judges yelled “got it”, and I knew we were home free. He found a second bird shortly after his first, and I slowed him down to work the untouched part of the bird field until time was called. He came across a third bird and hit an absolutely stunning point. He held it beautifully and let me flush it without trying to bust in at all. The judges called time immediately afterwards and congratulated me (knowing this was Gumbo’s last leg). It was a really fun way to end our junior hunter adventures.

This will be our last hunt test of the spring as Ilsa and Gumbo need quite a bit of work before they are ready to compete at the senior level. We will continue to work until the fall season and of course keep you updated along the way :-).


Ilsa is a new junior hunter!

13 Apr

Ilsa continued to impress in the bird field in her second hunt test. This test was hosted by our local vizsla club, and we had a wonderful time with many of our friends along with some new faces.

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Our first hunt test

10 Apr

It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been busy with training and hunt tests among other things. I’m a little bummed that I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog because we have lots of exciting news to share. Rather than combine it all into one long post, I’ll split it into two to detail the adventures of the hunt tests we’ve been to recently.

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Practice makes perfect (well, almost)

27 Feb

We were back on birds this weekend. The highlight came on Sunday when we met up with some friends who also have two vizslas. One of their Vs needs to qualify one more time to complete his junior hunter, and the other will soon be running in a hunt test for the first time just like ours. So we decided to get together and set up a mock hunt test for practice.

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